Computer Generated Animations

Jugit Recurse, 666778 bytes, 200 frames, 224x336.
This is a demonstration of the work done by Dave Blumenthal ( and Tom Rutledge (, as part of their Jugit project to generate raytrace animations of juggling. This animation shows a machine juggling 5 smaller machines, each of which does likewise. Set your MPEG player to loop, and you will zoom in on the action.

Chorusline, 1819052 bytes, 982 frames, 320x400.
This is a rough, but wonderful, early version of the work described above in the Jugit project. It is a raytraced animation of a chorus line of jugglers kicking their feet up and doing backflips.

Cornell CS-418 Project, hat, gloves, 3 clubs, 492358 bytes, 39 frames, 240x304.
The invisible man juggles 3 clubs, wearing a blue top hat and red gloves. This animation is by Tevya Rachelson ( and Sicco Tans ( as their final class project in Cornell's class on computer graphics, CS-418, spring 1994. It was created using IBM's Data Explorer in the HP X-Windows VUE environment. It was actually much more detailed than can be seen in the MPEG version. The hands were fully formed with five fingers, and had infinite grades of curvature, so that as a hand throws, it slowly opens up, and it slowly closes around the clubs that it catches. The MPEG version skips five steps at a time, so you don't really see that. Use the loop feature of your MPEG player for continuous juggling.

Paolo's 5 Balls, 259284 bytes, 140 frames, 128x240.
This animation of two hands juggling a 5 ball reverse cascade was made by Paolo Cignoni,

Sypie's Juggler, 100230 bytes, 61 frames, 160x120.
This MPEG was constructed from the original sypie.fli flick animation of a humanoid juggling three geometric shapes, made by Sybolt Ettema, Set your MPEG player to loop.

Juggling Bunny, 225664 bytes, 24 frames, 244x321.
Cartoon bunny juggles 5 clubs on a tall unicycle, made by Bob Mendelsohn, Set your MPEG player to loop.

Space Bunny, 96139 bytes, 20 frames, 284x337.
Cartoon bunny from space bounce juggles 5 balls on Europe, by Bob Mendelsohn, Bob's description is, "The Giant Evil Lepusaur from Outer Space begins his assault by Force Bouncing Five Balls over Norway!" Set your MPEG player to loop. There is also a 91155 byte QuickTime version of this.

Red's Nightmare, 3619896 bytes, 1210 frames, 320x240.
This is a humorous computer generated animation of a red unicycle, and is a parody of the Academy Award winning animation Red's Dream by Pixar. It was produced in 1993 by IMMD IV at the Friedrich Alexander Universitat, Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany.

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