Rings Comparisons

  Anyone got any experience with Renegade rings, either passing ones
  or the others? I would like to hear what people think as to the ease
  of use, how much they trash your hands etc.  I saw them at Leeds
  but didn't get a chance to try them.  

Daniel Zuckerman

i bought a set of 6 of the fat rings this summer. the general consensus among the people with whom i juggle is that they are great for passing, for obvious reasons (ie, they don't try to remove fingers as they go by!). i'm not a numbers kind-of-guy, but the people around me doing numbers say that they find starting with more than two in a hand rather cumbersome. but one trick that i noticed (with some cringing) was that they seem to bounce (!) well. if you've never seen someone bounce five rings, then it is something you should see once before you go to meet your maker, boss, or whatever controls your life. anyway, i love passing with them, and will probably never try to pass (rings) without them.

i have also tried the renegade medium rings. once again, they are easier on the hands, although not as much so as the fat rings. but, if you are into numbers, then these might be better rings for you.

Charles Budney

I have a set of Renegades solo rings (i.e. the thin fat rings) and I like them a lot. They don't trash your hands at all, plus you can bounce them on the floor reasonably well. (You can also bounce them on your head without much pain, if you like or are a bit clumsy.) I have some of the first ones out, that Tom claims are a little light and could be a little difficult, which is why he now makes them a bit heavier (105 grams now vs 95 for the old). I have some of both and can't really tell the difference. All in all they are a lot better than the standard rings for practice, unless you are doing numbers, where you'll want thinner rings to avoid collisions.

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