Care and Feeding of Rings


...Someone was asking about carrying rings around. When I bought mine, the person behind the counter (Max Oddball in fact) told me that tennis racket presses are really good to keep rings in and will stop them from warping as you carry them around. Might be worth trying, then you don't need a bigger bag.


  I have a set of Dubé airflite rings which have become warped.
  Is there any way to repair this?  Heavy objects on the rings for long
  periods never seem to do the trick for me.

The reason they warped was probably heat. Did you leave them in a hot car?

We have found in the past that the only way to unwarp rings (not airflights, but I assume it will work with them as well...) is to place them on a flat surface and put a large piece of glass over them and leave them in the sun for a couple of hours. Our bottom piece was a piece of 3/4" plywood, so we could then take the whole set-up back into the house, out of the sun, and let it cool.

It sounds elaborate, but it really worked :)

Someone else replies:

I've had this problem before too, although my solution was similar but simpler ... If your car has a boot (I'm English) with a flat surface covering the luggage space, just leave the rings flat on the flat surface on a hot day. The car gets very hot, and the rings rapidly return to their original flat state. [Incidentally this works ok with badly warped records too !]

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