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This is the Juggling Information Service's home page server. It is provided as a free service to all jugglers who would like to maintain a personal home page, but have no other means of doing so. Please do not abuse this service by creating files here for any other purpose. We reserve the right to modify or terminate this service at any time, and to disable any individual account for any reason we feel is appropriate.

Many thanks go to Terry Weissman (terry@weissman.org) for developing the software that implements the Home Page Service.

Getting Started

To use this service, you must first request an account by registering, using the NEW command described below. You will be given a personal password and a directory in which you may place your HTML, GIF, and other associated files that make up your home page. You add or remove files from your directory by sending E-mail messages to home-service@juggling.org. A quota, currently 100000 bytes, is maintained for each user's home page directory.

You will need a uuencode program to install binary files, such as GIF images. It is up to you to learn enough about HTML to structure things correctly. Some good references are included below.

Command Summary

To use any of the commands that make up this service, send an E-mail message to home-service@juggling.org.

In the body, you may put one or more of the following commands. You may mix multiple ADD, DECODE, and REMOVE commands within a single message.


Sends this text.

Example: HELP

PATH address

The PATH command sets your return E-mail address, and if used, it must be the first command of your message. By default, the server will attempt to reply to your mail by looking at the header of the received message, like "reply" does in most mailers. If you use this command, however, it will instead send mail to the given address. This command is not remembered across separate mail requests. You'll need to include it in every message you send the server, or it will simply reply normally. For most people, the PATH command is not needed. You may not have more than one PATH command in a single message.

Example: PATH enrico_rastelli@juggling.org

NEW Full Name

Registers a new home page account. You should promptly receive E-mail confirmation that your new account has been created, giving you your username and password, a directory, and the address of your new home page. You will also be given a temporary home page file, named index.html, which you should replace with your own personalized home page. If you do not change this file soon, your account may be closed.

Enter your full name on the NEW line, as it should appear in the list of jugglers with home pages.

The username and the URL of your new home page will be based on your return E-mail address. You can set this to any address you like by preceding the NEW command with a PATH command.

Example: NEW Enrico Rastelli

USER username password

Indicates who you are. You must have already received a legitimate account and password. The commands described below will not work unless you have first registered, as they require that you precede them with a legitimate USER command and password. You may not have more than one USER command in a single message.

Any request using a valid USER command will be confirmed via return E-mail (to the PATH address if specified), and will include a listing of the current contents of your directory. If you just want to see this listing, you may send a USER command with no further command requests.

Example: USER enrico_rastelli@juggling.org ijuglots

ADD file
text file

Adds or replaces a text file in your directory. The following lines are placed in the specified file, up to but not including a line containing the 5 characters <EOF>.

ADD newfile.html
I juggle!

begin mode file
uuencoded data

Adds or replaces a binary or text file in your directory. The following lines of the message, up to the uuencode generated end line, are fed to uudecode, and the resulting data is placed in the specified file. Note that the mode and file specified in the begin line of the uuencoded data are ignored.

DECODE newfile.html
begin 644 newfile.html



Removes the named file from your directory.

Example: REMOVE oldfile.html


Closes your account. You may reopen a new account with a different user name or E-mail address, or move your home page to your local machine if that becomes possible. You should save your files first by downloading them with your browser if you will want them.

Example: CLOSE

References for Learning HTML

Sample Home Page

Sample Home Page Source File

This shows examples of what you can put in your home page using any available text formatter. It shows how to create links, include pictures, and other basic formatting features.

Sample Home Page Formatted

This is what that sample home page looks like when viewed through your browser.

Home Page Command for Unix

If you're on a Unix machine, this is a very handy shell program to allow you to add and remove files from your home page account even more easily. Just download it, fill in a few personal items, and it's ready to use.
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