Juggler's World: Vol. 43, No. 3

Games and Joggling Races Results


Boxes, boxes, boxes

(Box move creativity, sponsored by Two Ply Press & Rava Products)

Clubs Are Trump

(Three club creativity, sponsored by Renegade Juggling)

Baltimore Three Ball Open

(Three ball creativity, sponsored by Baltimore Jugglers Association)

Akron High Five

(Five ball endurance, sponsored by Rubber City Jugglers)

Four Ball Frenzy

(Four ball creativity, sponsored by Safety In Numbers)

Obstacle Course

Diabolo 'Till You Drop

(Diabolo creativity, sponsored by Brian Dube)

Combat. Masters Division

Joggling Races

Men's 100 Meters

Women's 100 Meters

Junior's 100 Meters

Men's 400 Meters

Women's 400 Meters

Junior's 400 Meters

Men's 1600 Meter Relay

Women's 1600 Meter Relay

Men's 1600 Meters

Women's 1600 Meters

Men's 5000 Meters

Women's 5000 Meters

100 meter joggling backward Ben

100 meter 7 ball

400 meter backward with five balls

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