Juggling in the Media

This section covers juggling books and videos, as well as juggling scenes in movies and on TV.

Juggling in Movies [new]
List of films with juggling scenes. Contains title, year of release, main cast, plot summary, juggling descriptions, photos, and links to more information for each movie.

Juggling Papers
This is a collection of essays, articles, and papers on various aspects of juggling.

Online Juggling Books
Here are several juggling books that have information about them online. In some cases, the books themselves are at least partially available.

Interviews with Jugglers
This is a collection of interviews with several selected jugglers. Learn some fascinating insights into some of these interesting people.

Book and Video Tape Catalog
Information on various juggling related books and video tapes.

Ren and Stimpy, 69064 bytes
Listen to some good advice from TV's Ren and Stimpy.

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