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How to Be a Goofy Juggler: A Complete Course In Juggl

(c) 1989 Pub.: Piccadilly Bks. pp. $6.95 Binding: P

OrdersTo: Piccadilly

Juggling Kit

(c) 1989 Pub.: Piccadilly Bks. 128pp. $10.95 Binding: P

OrdersTo: Piccadilly

Cigar Box Manipulation and Balance

Bacon, Reginald W. ("Mr. Slim")

(c) 1983 Pub.: Variety Arts Press 100pp. $ Binding:

P.O. Box 157 Groveland, MA 01834

OrdersTo: Dube

The Art of Juggling

Benge, Ken

(c) 1977 Pub.: Anderson World, Inc. 144pp. $4.95 Binding: P

1400 N. Shoreline Blvd. P.O. Box 7211 Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: 8002278318
OrdersTo: Anderson World, Inc.

Brendan Brolly's Book of Diabolo

Brolly, Brendan

(c) Pub.: Infinite Illusions 60pp. $ Binding: P

Written as a book for people new to diabolo, this book starts at the basics of getting the diabolo going and keeping it going. It then goes on to cover most of the common tricks for one diabolo and has a brief section on two. It seems to be pretty good to learn from if you're a beginner. -Brendan Brolly

OrdersTo: Infinite Illusions

Brendan Brolly's Second Book of Diabolo

Brolly, Brendan

(c) Pub.: Infinite Illusions 56pp. $ Binding: P

This book deals with more advanced one diabolo moves and also some moves learned when the author spent some time in China. There is also a section on using off- balance objects such as saucepan lids and vases as diabolos. -Brendan Brolly

OrdersTo: Infinite Illusions

Circus Techniques: Juggling, Equilibristics, Vaulting

Burgess, Hovey

(c) 1990 Pub.: 162pp. $19.95 Binding: P

Brian Dubé, Inc., 520 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012

Phone: 212-941-0060
OrdersTo: Dube

Passing the Hat: History of Juggling

Campbell, Patricia

260pp. $2.00 Binding:

Juggling for the Complete Klutz

Cassidy, John & Rimbeaux, B. C.

(c) 1988 Pub.: Klutz Products pp. $9.95 Binding: P

Klutz Products 2121 Staunton Ct. Palo Alto, CA 94306

Phone: 4158570888
OrdersTo: Klutz

Juggling Made Easy

Dittrich, Rudolf

(c) Pub.: Wilshire Bk. Co. pp. $3.00 Binding: P

Phone: 4156583453
OrdersTo: Wilshire Bk. Co.

Juggling Made Simple: A Positively Guaranteed Surefir

Dr. Dropo

(c) 1989 Pub.: Piccadilly Bks. pp. $4.95 Binding: P

Phone: 7195481844
OrdersTo: Piccadilly Bks.

The Art of Juggling

Dube, Brian

138pp. $8.95 Binding: P

520 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012

Phone: 212-941-0060
OrdersTo: Dube

Three Club Juggling: An Introduction

Dube, Brian & Zemaitis, Ann, eds.

(c) 1987 Pub.: Brian Dube 128pp. $16.95 Binding: H

OrdersTo: Dube

Contact Juggling

Ernest, James (Miller, John)

(c) 1990 Pub.: Ernest Graphics Press 94pp. $ Binding: P

The only book on the subject. Contact juggling is when you manipulate one or more balls so they seem to flow over your body. There were a few problems with the release of this book as Michael Moschen, who came up with many of the moves, felt that people were copying his ideas without thinking about it. There's loads of stuff on this so I won't go into it. The book is very clear and easy to understand and I'd recommend it.
-Andrew Barden

5225 19th Ave., NE Seattle, WA 98105

OrdersTo: Ernest Graphics Press

Jongleurs en France Au Moyen Age

Faral, Edmund

(c) 1971 Pub.: Franklin, Burt, Pub. pp. $23.50 Binding:

Phone: 2126270027
OrdersTo: Franklin, Burt, Pub.

Dr. Dropo's Juggling Buffoonery

Fife, Bruce

(c) 1988 Pub.: Piccadilly Bks. pp. $7.95 Binding: P

OrdersTo: Piccadilly Bks.

The Complete Juggler

Finnigan, Dave

(c) 1992 Pub.: Jugglebug 574pp. $14.95 Binding: P

Just about everything related to juggling is discussed. This book is good for teaching beginners and intermediate jugglers. Seasoned jugglers will find this book to be an excellent resource, but may be frustrated by the brevity with which Finnigan treats the advanced tricks. There is an additional section on making money through juggling.
-Ed Carstens

OrdersTo: Jugglebug

Three Ball Digest: All You'll Ever Need to Know About

Franco, Dick

(c) 1989 Pub.: Brian Dube 160pp. $21.95 Binding: H

OrdersTo: Dube

Juggling for All

Francome, Colin & Holland, Charlie

(c) 1987 Pub.: Sterling Publishing Co. 96pp. $9.95 Binding: P

OrdersTo: Sterling Publishing Co.

Beyond The Cascade

Gillson, George

(c) Pub.: Cascade Books pp. $ Binding: P

Crazy Cradles and Baffling Body Moves

Grant, Donald

56pp. $ Binding: P

The book deals with two main types of tricks and sees how far they will go. The string, cat's cradle, knots, and body throws are discussed. There is also an additional section with a few more grinds and suicides.
-Andrew Barden

Diabolo Handstick Grinds and Suicides

Grant, Donald

60pp. $ Binding: P

This book takes two tricks; a grind in which the diabolo is caught on the handstick, and a suicide which is letting go of one or both of the handsticks, and takes them as far as they will go. The diagrams and descriptions are clear though the jokes are a bit poor.
-Andrew Barden

Two Hot to Handle

Grant, Donald

96pp. $ Binding: P

This book is all about two or more diabolos. It starts from the beginning and takes you up to the tricks that the best diaboloists in the UK are just getting. It's clearly explained and actually makes sense a lot of the time. I like it anyway.
-Andrew Barden

Juggling for Fun & Entertainment

Humphrey, Ron

(c) 1967 Pub.: Charles E. Tuttle, Co., Inc. pp. $4.95 Binding: P

77 Central St. Boston, MA 02109

Phone: 8005212778
OrdersTo: Charles E. Tuttle, Co., Inc.

How to Be a Juggler

Meyer, Charles R.

(c) 1977 Pub.: Random House, Inc. pp. $6.95 Binding:

OrdersTo: Random House, Inc.

Club Swinging for Physical Exercise & Recreation

Schatz, W.J.

(c) 1990 Pub.: Brian Dube pp. $ Binding: P

This book is fairly old. It dates back to the time when club swinging was just considered an excercise. It is one of the most incomprehensible books I have come across. I do know of one person who has learned to club swing from it, but most people just use it as a reference.
-Andrew Barden

OrdersTo: Dube

The Jugglers Hand-Book by Stone: Includes S-Notation-

Stone, B.

(c) 1983 Pub.: Spiritwood Pubs. 200pp. $12.95 Binding: P

OrdersTo: Spiritwood Pubs.

The Devil Stick Book

Strong, Todd

(c) 1990 Pub.: Brian Dube 107pp. $9.95 Binding: P

As far as I know this is the only devilstick book around. I've heard mixed reviews on it. It has a good section on the history of Devil Stick.
-Andrew Barden

OrdersTo: Dube

The Diabolo Book

Strong, Todd

(c) Pub.: (awaiting publication)

I've only seen a German copy of this but it should be out soon (that's what they've been saying for the past 3 years now though). It starts at the basics and takes you through quite a few tricks. It then goes onto games and partner work. There is also a nice section on the history of the diabolo.
-Andrew Barden

Juggling with Finesse

Summers, Kit

(c) 1987 Pub.: Finesse Press 266pp. $14.95 Binding:

OrdersTo: Dube

Juggling is for Me

Temple, Nancy M. & Aronson, Rande

(c) 1986 Pub.: Lerner Publishing Co. 48pp. $8.95 Binding:

OrdersTo: Lerner Publishing Co.

The Complete Book of Unicycling

Wiley, Jack

(c) Pub.: Solipaz Publishing Company 187pp. $27.95 Binding:

P.O. Box 366 Lodi, CA 95241

OrdersTo: Dube

The Diabolo Book

Wiley, Jack

For years this was the only diabolo book on the market. It starts from getting the diabolo going and shows you a few tricks. I wouldn't buy it if I were you.
-Andrew Barden

The Instant Juggling Book

Woodburn, Bob

(c) 1990 Pub.: Firefly Books, Ltd. 80pp. $9.95 Binding: P

OrdersTo: Firefly Books, Ltd.

Juggling: The Art & Its Artists

Ziethen, Karl-Heinz & Allen, Andrew

(c) 1986 Pub.: Brian Dube 362pp. $59.95 Binding:

OrdersTo: Dube

Club Passing - A Juggler's Guide to Social Interactio

Brolly, Brendan; Popper, Jonny; & Schofield, Simon

The only book on club passing as yet. This starts at the basics and teaches mainly tricks but also some simple two-hand patterns and patterns for 7 and 8 clubs. I'm slightly biased, but I think it's clear and easy to understand.
-Andrew Barden

Club Swinging and Pole Manipulation

Jillings, Anna

This isn't due out for a few months yet, but I've seen the drafts. It covers basic moves in both club swinging and pole manipulation and goes up to some fairly complicated stuff. It looks fairly easy to understand although I haven't sat down and worked through it.
-Andrew Barden

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