Badlands of Dakota

Robert Stack, Ann Rutherford, Richard Dix, Frances Farmer

released: 1941 Sep 08   duration: 1:13:31

Indian raids are being perpetrated by an outlaw gang in disguise.

The Johnson Brothers, Harry Johnson and Harry Johnson Jr., juggle clubs three times in this movie.

At 02:50, they are seen juggling 3 clubs each for nearly 30 seconds, while marching in a parade.

At 04:19, Andy Devine introduces them as the "Johnson Brothers" as a preview of their act in the Bella Union saloon, and they pass 6 clubs for about 4 seconds.

At 49:17, they are seen doing their club passing routine on the saloon stage, when Lon Chaney Jr., as bad guy Jack McCall, uses his handgun to shoot the clubs as they fly between the jugglers, until Robert Stack, as Marshall Jim Holliday, stops him.

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