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Barnum (1986)

[Burt Lancaster, Kirsten Bishop, Lorena Gale, Sandor Raski, Rob Roy]

In Burt Lancaster's highly acclaimed portrayal of the circus legend, Phineas T. Barnum looks back at his life, starting when he is just a little boy. This made-for-TV movie shows how he muddled through his life and how he finally became a successful circus master. But to get there he had to risk everything he had and show enormous courage.

Fresh out of Ringling Brothers Clown College, Joel Heidtman appears as a juggler, along with John Mark St. Jules, Gene Jones, and 12-year-old Shane Hanson. There are 6 juggling scenes, usually 10-20 seconds each, and all in the first half of the movie.

At 01:11, during the opening credits, we see a young boy followed by a man, each juggling 3 clubs.

At 11:40, there is a 45 second outdoor scene with 2 men juggling 3 clubs each and a boy juggling 3 rings, followed by a woman foot juggler and a man juggling 4 clubs.

At 18:28, someone is juggling 6 rings in the background.

At 20:36, there is a nearly 4 minute long scene, starting with a spinning plate, followed by a knife juggling act, and a challenge to anyone who can duplicate the feats of the performer, leading to more knives, and then 4 rings and 4 torches.

At 26:52, there is a brief view of juggling 3 torches.

At 45:49, there is another outdoor scene lasting a minute, with 3 jugglers doing 3 clubs each and another juggling 3 balls, but who later changes to a ball, a club, and a ring.

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