Juggling in Movies

Becoming Colette (1991)

[Klaus Maria Brandauer, Mathilda May, Virginia Madsen, Paul Rhys]

At the turn of the century, Henri Gauthier-Villars, a notorious bachelor, marries the young country girl Gabrielle Colette and introduces her to debauched Parisian life. Gabrielle keeps a diary of all her experiences, which Villars, the spendthrift heir to a publishing house, prints as the Claudine series under his pen-name of Willy. Villars sets up a threesome with Gabrielle and Polaire, one of his mistresses, but the women become lovers and allies. Gabrielle finally becomes fed up with the duplicity of Villars, and publishes her books under her own name, Colette.

At 1:09:24, a performer on stage in the background juggles 3 mixed objects for 3 seconds, and is seen partially on screen for another 20 seconds.

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