Bête de scène

Bernard Nissile film; Emmanuel Salinger, Bulle Ogier, Patrice Chéreau

released: 1994 Oct 04   duration: 0:17:56

France. 18 minute film. The protagonist is an actor who does the bear's character in a Shakespearean piece of theater. He's not satisfied with that, because he is always ignored by all the other actors, as they think he's unimportant. Even his parents in the audience didn't mention him at all. Only one somewhat older woman seems to like him and his role. She plays the female protagonist in the Shakespeare drama. He falls in love with her, but in the end she wants to be only a good friend. When the theatre goes up in flames one evening, everyone runs out of the building, except the protagonist. No happy end.

At 16:07, someone juggles 3 balls in the background for 5 seconds.

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