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Billy Bathgate (1991)

[Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, Steven Hill, Loren Dean, Bruce Willis]

Based loosely on the organized crime syndicates of the 20's and 30's, Billy Bathgate is the story of a young man's rise from gopher to right hand man in Dutch Schultz' gang. Having been impressed by the youth, Schultz takes him under his wing. Billy soon finds himself in a world where wealth and fortune live next door to danger and death.

At 08:26, Billy Bathgate, played by Loren Dean, and Bo Weinberg, played by Bruce Willis, are in a freight train, on their way to Bo's execution by Billy's gang. Bo asks Billy, "How'd you get into this, kid?" Billy replies, "Juggling. It was juggling got me into it."

This is immediately followed by a flashback showing Billy juggling 3 and 4 balls on and near the railroad tracks with his friends, where he was seen by Dutch Schultz, the gang leader played by Dustin Hoffman, leading to his being recruited into the gang.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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