The Black Ball

Franz Hofer film; Mia Cordes, Manny Ziener, Paul Meffert

released: 1913 Oct 26   duration: 0:34:44

Original title: Die schwarze Kugel. German. Two sisters get a letter from their third sister just after coming from the third sister's funeral. It informs them that a nobleman has ruined her life and is responsible for her death. They swear revenge and that they will never fall in love with a man. They start working as a vaudeville act called "Die geheimnisvollen Schwestern" (The Mysterious Sisters). They juggle with balls and burning torches. Of course, one sister falls in love with an attending nobleman and it turns out he is the same one that was responsible for their sister's death. They plan to kill him and the one who should do it is the one who holds the black ball ("die schwarze Kugel") in her hands after juggling. The end includes a nice chase partially on rooftops.

At 04:32, Mia Cordes playing Edith and Manny Ziener playing her sister Violetta appear on stage wearing masks, and begin a routine with 6 torches.

At 22:51, they begin a routine passing 6 and 8 balls.

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