Chivalrous Deeds of a Nincompoop

Carl Caldana, Suzie Marr, Glenn Havlan, John Brebner, Susan Zelinsky

released: 1988          duration: 1:26:56

Original title: Nincompoop. Our hero, the nincompoop, falls in love and gets involved in a crazy murder investigation in this film made in San Francisco.

At 18:55, 10-year-old Mark Bakalor appears in a 2 minute scene at the child psychiatrist's office, providing comic distraction as the psychiatrist speaks with the hero. Mark is dumped out of a chair, then balances an umbrella, juggles 3 balls, and does a Groucho Marx impersonation. After the door is closed, you hear the sound of a slap come from inside, followed by Mark yelling, "Oww!"

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