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La Dame du Cirque (1996)

[Igaal Niddam film; Jan Niklas, Christèle Tual, Julie Debazac]

France. TV movie. Michaela Destrez receives a promising job offer abroad - but when she meets circus manager Martin Kier she falls under the spell of life in the Big Top, and decides to train as a circus rider. Martin stretches Michaela's abilities to the limit during the training sessions, however, and the circus employees regard her as an unwelcome intruder. Isabella, who is an excellent rider and is also suffering from unrequited love for Martin, is particularly jealous of Michaela. Very soon, however, Michaela becomes the star of the circus, and Martin's wife. One evening a tragedy occurs: Michaela's horse shies, she falls and experiences a severe shock. Soon afterwards she falls into a permanently sleepy state, and Martin is forced to look after her much of the time. He selflessly looks after his wife and in so doing neglects the circus, until he finally hands over the running of it to Isabella. Martin urges Michaela in vain to ride again in order to recover from her trauma. One night, however, Michaela mounts her horse and rides through her circus number as if in a trance. Martin arrives only just in time to prevent Michaela from yet another nasty fall. When she regains consciousness Michaela also seems to have awoken from a nightmare: she is cured.

The first 15 minutes of the movie contains two seconds of club juggling. The main character unicycles, and later juggles 5 balls.

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