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Dragons Forever (1988)

[Jackie Chan, Samo Hung, Biao Yuen, Pauline Yeung, Deannie Ip, Wah Yuen]

Also known as "Fei long meng jiang." Lawyer Jackie represents the insidious interests of an illegal narcotics manufacturer. It seems these drug lords are dumping waste into a local pond and the pond's matriarch is suing. But when he falls for a beautiful woman out to stop the plant, Jackie is torn in a conflict of interest and asks his trusty friends Samo and Biao to help out. Torn between love and the law, Jackie and his clan solve the dilemma the only way they know how, by beating the bad guys into plasma.

At 56:50, Jackie Chan and Pauline Yeung are cooking in the kitchen. Jackie does some tricks with a knife and a wooden masher. Pauline does better by juggling 3 lemons, until he throws an onion at her, messing up her pattern. He then teases her because he made her look foolish.
The entire movie may be seen here.

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