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Die Dumme Augustine (1993)

[Juraj Herz film; Therese Herz, Bernhard Paul]

Czech Republic. Film from a circus environment where all the artists are circus artists also outside the manege. The circus' main attraction is the clown August, but one day he gets a toothache and his wife, Augustine, has to take over his job.

This film has several juggling scenes.
At 03:30, a woman in the background briefly juggles 3 rings.
At 15:48, Therese Herz juggles 3 hot dumplings.
At 22:28, a man juggles 4 clubs.
At 36:33, Therese juggles 3 hot eggs.
At 39:02, Therese juggles 3 apples.
At 40:48, a man in the background juggles 4 balls.
At 41:52, he still juggles 4 balls, as seen in a mirror.

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