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Die Eisprinzessin (1996)

[Katarina Witt, Christopher Barker, Vernon Dobtcheff, Daniela Lunkewitz]

This is another variation of the Cinderella story. The bright and beautiful Ella lives in the household of a lord since her mother died. She's unhappy because the lord's daughters treat her like their servant. The country has problems, because the prince is a dreamer and doesn't realize that his chancellor abuses his power. When the day nears that the prince is forced by law to find a wife, a celebration on a frozen lake is arranged. Ella manages to skate on the lake for him too, hiding her identity. The prince falls in love with her, so he tries to find her. His chancellor attempts to hinder them, since he knows about Ella's critical thoughts.

At 21:03, there's torch passing far in the background at a medieval ice feast.

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