Sophie Marceau, Vincent Perez, Marine Delterme, Gérard Séty

released: 1993 Jun 16   duration: 1:26:50

Alexandre (Vincent Perez) believes that romance ends when sex enters into a relationship. Determined to prevent this from happening with his latest love interest -- a sexy young woman named Fanfan (Sophie Marceau) -- he decides that platonic love is the solution. Despite the wonderful, romantic, and inventive ways Alexandre finds for them to spend time together, Fanfan is left disappointed by his refusal to make love to her. Their exciting relationship becomes jeopardized by Alexandre's unwillingness to change his new approach to love.

At 0:17:05, Sophie Marceau juggles 3 balls quite well, as seen for 9 seconds.

At 0:39:24, she walks a rope and works on a trapeze for just over a minute.

At 1:06:25, she juggles 2 small fruits in one hand for 4 seconds.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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