Juggling in Movies

The Five People You Meet in Heaven (2004)

[Jon Voight, Ellen Burstyn, Jeff Daniels, Dagmara Dominczyk]

An elderly amusement park maintenance man, Eddie (Jon Voight), is trapped in purgatory and the only way out is to confront five people from his past. Unfortunately, dark secrets from his service in the Philippines begin to haunt him.

At 12:38, Steven Grayhm, playing the young Eddie character, shows two young boys how he can juggle 3 balls from a Skee-Ball game.

At 58:13, Eddie is a prisoner of war during World War 2, along with his friends, who are being held in the Philippines by Japanese guards. Eddie uses juggling to escape from the guards. When one of the guards tries to juggle 2 rocks, Eddie offers to show him how, and juggles 2 rocks, and then 3. He asks for a fourth rock, and 3 guards are now watching him. While still juggling 3, he suddenly starts to throw them at the guards, and all of the prisoners start fighting the guards and gain freedom.

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