The Flying Fontaines

Michael Callan, Evy Norlund, Joan Evans, Rian Garrick, Joe De Santis

released: 1959 Dec      duration: 1:24:19

After military service, a trapeze star fights to rebuild his career and his love life.

At 02:24, Ruth Carlsson practices juggling 3 clubs inside the circus tent for 8 seconds, while 2 men each practice tricks with 1 hat. At 2:45, Ruth and the 2 men are seen again for 4 seconds, while Harold DeGarro is also seen stilt walking.

At 14:46, Carl Carlsson juggles 4 large rings in the background for 5 seconds.

At 35:34, Carl and Ruth each juggle 3 clubs and then briefly pass 6 clubs, all for about 10 seconds.

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