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Die Gebrüder Skladanowsky (1994)

[Wim Wenders film; Udo Kier, Otto Kuhnle, Christoph Merg]

Germany. Alternate title: A Trick of the Light. A rare gem of cinematic storytelling that weaves docudrama, fictional reenactment, and experimental photography into a powerful, reflective work on the early days of German cinema. The film tells the story of the Skladanowsky Brothers, the German-born duo responsible for inventing the "bioskop", an early version of the film projector.

Christoph Merg, playing Eugen, joins a circus in the first act. In the second act, he juggles instead of Paul Petras, and even has to save the show with his juggling at the Wintergarten in Berlin.

We see Christoph Merg juggling large rings for his niece Lucie and her friends, lasting 24 seconds.

Later he juggles 2 large spoons and a small object for Lucie while preparing dinner, for 18 seconds.

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