Give My Regards to Broadway

Dan Dailey, Charles Winninger, Nancy Guild, Charles Ruggles

released: 1948 Jun 08   duration: 1:26:46

The Norwick family has had a successful run on the vaudeville circuit, but now some of the family want out. Mom is ready to retire on the family's farm, and daughter June wants to quit now that she's engaged. That only leaves Dad and his son Bert, who are happy to work as a twosome. Soon Bert's love of baseball overtakes his showbiz ambitions, especially after he's offered a Major-League contract to play. Now he must figure out how to break the news to his dad.

Juggling occurs in 6 scenes, featuring Dan Dailey and to a lesser degree Charles Winninger. Barbara Lawrence appears in two of these, though her juggling skills were minimal. These scenes were all created with the help of their juggling coaches, Bill Talent (Coughlin) and Duke Johnson.

At 0:08:25, Dailey does a 3 ball routine for just over a minute.

At 0:13:00, Dailey and Winninger juggle for about 25 seconds with balls and clubs.

At 0:22:39, Dailey, Winninger, and Lawrence juggle for 45 seconds passing 6 and 7 plates.

At 0:33:42, Dailey, Winninger, and Lawrence juggle for almost a minute passing 6 oranges and a hat.

At 0:51:54, Dailey and Winninger perform a 3 minute 30 second juggling act, beginning by each balancing a feather on their nose. They then pass 5 hoops between them. Next, they manipulate 5 hats together. Then they each juggle 2 balls in one hand, and go on to each doing a brief 3 ball cascade. They finish by each showing 6 balls, but then throwing them away.

At 1:25:48, Dailey and Winninger reprise their 5 hat routine for 40 seconds to end the film.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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