Give a Girl a Break

Marge and Gower Champion, Debbie Reynolds, Helen Wood, Bob Fosse

released: 1953 Nov 13   duration: 1:22:29

The star of an upcoming Broadway production, Janet Hallson, walks out during rehearsals. The producers of the show, Ted Sturgis, Leo Belney and Bob Dowdy begin to search for a replacement. After a quick audition, each favors someone else: Madelyn Corlane, Joanna Moss, and Suzie Doolittle. The rest of the movie tells in a series of musical and dance scenes how they finally pick.

At 1:17:01, near the end of the movie, Marge and Gower Champion perform the song and dance "Applause, Applause" accompanied by many other dancers and variety artists.

At 1:18:51, in the middle of this song, we see the Johnson Brothers, Duke Johnson and Harry Johnson, appear as clowns juggling 3 clubs each for 11 seconds.

At 1:20:15, near the end of the song, the Johnson Brothers are seen again, juggling for 13 seconds.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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