Juggling in Movies

The Greatest Gift (1942)

[Edmund Gwenn, Hans Conried, Lumsden Hare, Robert Emmett O'Connor]

Medieval French legend tells of monks who devote the cold nights of winter to making gifts they offer to Our Lady when spring comes. On the night snowfall blocks the pass to Italy, the monks find a nearly frozen juggler, Bartholomew, and take him in. Fr. Cyprian invites him to stay for the winter. He proves inept at most tasks, is embarrassed by their hospitality, and is too poor to pay. Plus, his vagabond life draws the suspicion of young Fr. Fabian. When spring arrives, Bartholomew is anxious to leave, but Fr. Cyprian asks him to stay while they offer their gifts to Our Lady. The juggler has nothing to give. Should he just slip away?

Edmund Gwenn, playing Bartolomé the Juggler, wants to offer two of his wooden juggling clubs as a gift. Later, we see and hear a stand-in for Edmund Gwenn from behind juggling 5 clubs. The sound of 5 clubs continues into a second scene in which only 3 clubs are juggled. A third and fourth scene, also with 3 clubs, now have the proper sound to match.

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