Juggling in Movies

Her Alibi (1989)

[Tom Selleck, Paulina Porizkova, William Daniels, James Farentino]

A writer of bad detective novels has writer's block. He pretends to be the alibi of a beautiful woman who was arrested for murder, at first thinking her innocent. But as she shows more and more interesting abilities - such as knife throwing - he begins to doubt his first assessment. He is still falling for her, but more and more nervous as time passes, and there are more close calls with death on his part.

Laura Green did stand-in juggling and taught Tom Selleck and Paulina Porizkova to juggle.

At 1:22:16, there is an almost 7 minute segment during a clown meeting, with quite a lot of juggling in the background, including brief bits of club juggling and passing. One of the "evil enemies" even gets knocked out by a dozen clubs.

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