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Jade Claw (1979)

[Billy Chong, Yuen Siu Tin, Hau Chiu Sing, Brandy Yuen, Chu Tiet Wo]

Also known as "Ji zhao" and "Crystal Fist." A martial arts student is bound and determined to avenge his father's murder. To decimate the gang responsible, he must go into the most intense training of his life.

At 30:16, there is an amusing 2 minute scene with two Japanese men, one young and one old, with classic terrible dubbing into English. The old man displays his better reflexes, dodging a knife used by the young man to chop vegetables. Then, for no apparent reason, the old man manipulates 2 and 3 plates fairly well, and then a plate and bowl. He finishes the scene by tossing 8 bowls into a stack on his head, the last from his foot.

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