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The Juggler (1953)

[Kirk Douglas, Milly Vitale, Paul Stewart, Joey Walsh, Alf Kjellin]

Kirk Douglas plays Hans Muller, a juggler and a Jewish concentration camp survivor, who emigrates to Israel in 1949 to begin a new life. When asked what he did when he was looking for a job, Muller said, "I'm a juggler." The response was, "What else can you do besides throw things up in the air?" Muller replied, "I throw things up in the air like Shakespeare was just a writer."

A juggler in silhouette does a 1 minute 3 ball routine behind the opening titles.

Kirk Douglas shows some skill juggling 3 apples for a minute, including a variety of tricks.

Joey Walsh briefly juggles 3 balls outdoors.

Douglas briefly juggles 2 balls and then 3.

Joey juggles 3 balls while sitting on a bed, then passing them to Douglas who continues juggling for a short time. Soon after this, Joey again juggles 3 balls briefly while sitting in bed.

Douglas performs a 3 ball juggling act as a clown. He then introduces Joey, also dressed as a clown, and they pass 6 balls, before Joey juggles 3. Douglas then juggles 3 eggs, ending with one breaking on his forehead.

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