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The Juggler of Notre Dame (1982)

[Carl Carlsson, Patrick Collins, Melinda Dillon, Merlin Olsen]

Based on the classic fable by Anatole France. About an itinerant juggler who can't make a go of it in any "practical" line of work. On Christmas Eve, it is customary for the clergy at Notre Dame cathedral to offer presents to the statue of the Virgin Mary. He knows no craft, can sing no song, can write no books. What can he offer the blessed Virgin? The answer is implicit in the title, but even without the element of surprise, The Juggler of Notre Dame is a captivating, heartwarming tale.

Carl Carlsson does a lot of juggling throughout this movie. During the opening titles for the first 2 minutes he juggles 3 balls, 3 rings, 3 clubs, 3 cigar boxes, 3 balls again, and 3 hats.

At 07:31, for the next 5 minutes he juggles 3 apples in a field, then juggles the apples some more and passes apples with his friend, then juggles a variety of fruits, vegetables, and eggs at an outdoor market, then moves on to juggling 3 cigar boxes and 3 hats in a park, then 3 clubs on a railroad track, and then spins 9 plates on sticks.

At 16:31, during a children's party, he juggles 3 clubs and then exchanges rings with some people from his audience.

At 43:50, he performs for the statue of the Virgin Mary, juggling 3 clubs, a shaky 4 balls, some 3 ball tricks, 4 rings, spinning plates, then 3 clubs followed by 3 clubs while spinning 2 plates on a mouthstick, and then finishing with spinning plates on sticks held in both hands while still spinning 2 more plates on a mouthstick.

At 47:28, he juggles 3 balls, 3 clubs, and spins plates during the closing credits.

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