Juggling with Fate

William Duncan film; Tom Mix, Myrtle Stedman, Lester Cuneo

released: 1913 Mar 12   duration: unknown

Silent film. Dare Devil Tom Wallace, so called because of his seeming lack of fear, is held up while riding in the stage and robbed by a masked desperado named Morgan. Wallace finds the trail of the robber and follows it to the face of a cliff. After some reconnoitering he discovers that the bandit has been hoisted to the top of the cliff by his two confederates, Manuel and Dolores. He returns to town only to find that other depredations have been committed during his short absence. Sheriff "Bill" Andrews is much vexed over the turn of affairs and implores the further aid of Wallace. By a series of exciting and successful ruses, the foxy Morgan is finally captured. When unmasked, the bandit proves to be a combination of marshal and road agent, a daring double.

Unknown if juggling appears beyond this film's title.

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