Juggling in Movies

L.A. Story (1991)

[Steve Martin, Victoria Tennant, Marilu Henner, Sarah Jessica Parker]

Steve Martin plays Harris K. Telemacher, the Wacky Weather presenter for a Los Angeles television station. He finds himself battling the insane conditions and people caused by the manic chaos that is Los Angeles.

At 0:43:31, as Steve Martin and Sarah Jessica Parker are walking at Venice Beach at night, we see Robert Lind in the background juggling 3 torches with a few tricks for 32 seconds. At 0:44:26, we see him again for another 5 seconds.

At 1:10:37, we see Robert Lind blowing out a juggling torch for 1 second, and a second later, we see him juggling 2 balls and a chainsaw for 2 seconds.

At 1:12:29, Robert Lind is juggling 3 torches in the afternoon far in the background for 6 seconds.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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