The Little Sister

John Savage, Tracy Pollan, Roxanne Hart, Richard Jenkins, Jack Kehoe

released: 1985 Mar      duration: 1:41:07

TV movie. Alternate title: The Tender Age. This film explores the lives of Boston street kids, focusing on Nicki (Tracy Pollan), a well-to-do eighteen-year-old girl from the suburbs whose self-destructive behavior leads her into Boston's once-infamous Combat Zone. On her downward spiral she is aided by a probation officer (John Savage), whose interest in Nicki's case borders on obsession. This is a complexly drawn portrait of sexual abuse.

At 01:47, immediately following the opening title, there is good coverage of Boston's Amazing Fantasy Jugglers in a street performance doing club passing and torch juggling for over 2 minutes. Appearing were Rawd Holbrook, Don Reed, Lana Reed, and their drummer Tom Clark. Robert Dunning also appeared as the torch juggler.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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