Jay Mohr, Lloyd Bridges, Olympia Dukakis, Christina Applegate

released: 1998 Jul 24   duration: 1:26:47

Original title: Jane Austen's Mafia. Young Vincenzo Cortino, son of a Sicilian postman, delivers a package for his father and accidentally sees something he should not see. In America, Vincenzo works his way up to the top of the Mafia. One day, his youngest son makes a mistake and has to leave town. A little later, he ends up as a casino boss in Las Vegas. But the heads of the other families want old Don Cortino out of the way. So, they shoot him 47 times and send a very attractive woman to distract his son from his casino work. Will he fall for her or will he return to Diane, who, by the way, had run for President successfully in the meantime?

At 08:45, Renata Fossett juggles 3 large sausages for 3 seconds in a parade scene, as one of 5 women dressed as 1901 nuns from Italy.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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