Making Up!

Katja Riemann, Nina Kronjäger, Max Tidof, Gedeon Burkhard

released: 1993 Jul 01   duration: 0:52:05

Original title: Abgeschminkt! Germany. An original satire about women of the 90's in search of the men of their dreams. Franzy believes she's through with men, but desperately needs new amorous story lines for the comic strip she writes for a newspaper. So she observes her friend Maischa struggling to satisfy her need for love - and someone who knows how to install her new shelf. Since joiner Klaus demands too much attention, she sets her eyes on the good-looking footballer Rene.

At 24:39, Gregor Kiock from Munich flips a juggling club in one hand while holding 2 more in his other hand, as he rides a tall unicycle in a park.

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