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Malibu Summer (1993)

[Peter Anthony Elliott, Rhett Sinclair, Carrie Bittner, Randi Randolph]

Beaches and bikinis. Rhett Sinclair is Stacy, a college student who is so tired of her clerical summer job at a firm named "Fantasy Encounters" she decides to talk her friends into starting a similar business of their own. So Stacy, Jill, and Lisa team up with "Fantasy Encounters" former employee Marcia to launch "Fantasy Girls," a company that offers every man a chance to make his fantasy come true -- on a "nothing illegal, nothing kinky" term (meaning no sex involved, mind you).

At 24:08, Mark Virkler juggles 3 balls on the Malibu beach for about 30 seconds, with about 10 people watching. An occasional right hand throw over the top was his only trick. He then picks up a meat cleaver, a long axe, and a machete. He is shown trying to juggle these in 2 shots of 1 second each, showing a total of 4 throws and 0 catches, but receiving great applause. He passes the hat and gets some tips.

At 31:32, Virkler makes 3 more attempts to juggle these dangerous objects. He does best in the first with 2 catches of 4 throws. Next is 1 catch of 3 throws. In his final attempt, he catches the first throw and possibly the second, but the camera cuts away after the third throw of the long axe to show the spectators gasping in horror and gathering around him on the ground after it supposedly injured him badly.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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