Mr. Saturday Night

Billy Crystal, David Paymer, Julie Warner, Helen Hunt, Mary Mara

released: 1992 Sep 12   duration: 1:59:00

Buddy Young was the comic's comic, beloved by everyone. Now, playing to miniscule crowds in nursing homes, it seems like everybody but Buddy realizes that he should retire. As Buddy looks for work in show business, he realizes that the rest of the world has forgotten the golden days of Buddy Young, and that there just may not be room in the business for an old comic like himself.

At 04:33, Chad Taylor and another juggler are in a scene where the camera is running all over backstage looking for Mr. Saturday Night. The jugglers are seen for about 1 second in the background near the end of that scene and appear to be juggling 3 clubs between them. In an outtake that appears on the video version, the two jugglers are passing instead.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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