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My Little Margie, S4E32 (1955)

[Gale Storm, Charles Farrell, Don Hayden, Clarence Kolb, Dian Fauntelle]

My Little Margie, Season 4, Episode 32, The Big Telecast, aired April 6, 1955. Margie lets a group of circus performers stay at her apartment, unaware that her father has arranged to be interviewed there for a live television broadcast.

The Johnson Brothers, Duke Johnson and Harry Johnson, play the Marvelous Mandinis, Joe and Moe Mandini, a circus juggling act. They appear many times throughout this 30 minute episode, and have a good amount of dialogue. They can be seen at 04:13, 10:55, 17:16, and 21:16, juggling 3 clubs each and passing 6 clubs.
The entire show may be seen here.

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