A Night at Earl Carroll's

Ken Murray, Rose Hobart, Elvia Allman, Blanche Stewart, Earl Carroll

released: 1940 Dec 06   duration: 1:02:01

Newly-elected reform Mayor Jones celebrates his victory over the crooked political machine with a party at Earl Carroll's night club. Steve Kalkus, the defeated racketeer-politician, has Earl Carroll and several of his acts kidnapped, figuring the kidnapping coup will cause Jones to be laughed out of office. In Carroll's absence his assistant, Ramona Lisa, and his press agent, Barney Nelson, put on the show themselves with the remaining talent, the chorus girls and also pressing into the entertainment cigarette girls, cloakroom girls, the doorman and others including oil heiresses Brenda Gusher and Cobina Gusher. Carroll and the other prisoners make their escape when a kidnapped juggling act sends their captors down in a barrage of beer bottles.

At 50:47, The Three Normans demonstrate their juggling act for the bad guys who are holding guns on them. They do 3 clubs each and then transition into a 4-count feed. They toss 2 clubs out to a bystander while they continue the feed, and the 2 clubs are then thrown back into the feed. They switch to 2-count and add shoulder throws. They then save the day by throwing the clubs at the bad guys, knocking their guns away.

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