Roger Moore, Maud Adams, Louis Jourdan, Kristina Wayborn

released: 1983 Jun 06   duration: 2:10:48

When an agent is found dead holding a Faberge egg, the British are suspicious and send James Bond to investigate. He discovers a connection between the priceless egg, an elaborate smuggling operation, and a plot by a renegade Soviet general to instigate World War Three.

At 0:37:12, Mark Heap juggles 3 torches on the street in India, when Roger Moore, as James Bond, steals one of the torches to use it to fight the bad guy.

At 1:25:49, a woman is leaning out of a train window juggling 3 tennis balls for 2 seconds.

At 1:41:49, a woman is seated in a train and showers 2 coffee mugs for 2 seconds.

At 1:45:28, a woman does a 3 ball shower in a parade for 3 seconds, followed at 1:45:33 by another woman juggling 3 clubs for 2 seconds.

At 1:46:56, someone in a circus tent juggles 4 rings for 2 seconds, while another person in front of him tosses 1 ring up high.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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