Juggling in Movies

One, Two, Three: Corona (1948)

[Hans Müller film; Eva Ingeborg Scholz, Lutz Moik, Piet Clausen]

In post-war Germany, two rival gangs fight each other in the ruins of Berlin. A pretty young circus artist named Corona comes to the destroyed city with a traveling circus.

At 08:22, a man juggles 3 clubs with double spins.
At 08:52, Eva Ingeborg Scholz does trick roping.
At 51:57, a show in a children's circus has two boys juggling three balls each,
At 54:35, Bob Bramson does hoop juggling and rolls 3 over his body, while 2 boys juggle 3 balls each behind him, followed a bit later by more hoop and ball juggling, unicycling, and trick roping.

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