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Outrage (1993)

[Francesca Neri, Antonio Banderas, Eulàlia Ramon, Coque Malla]

Spain/Italy. Original title: ¡Dispara! Alternate title: Shoot! Cynical newshound Marco Vallez (Antonio Banderas) discovers his latent romantic instincts stirred at the circus by Italian-born sharpshooter Ana (Francesca Neri). They commence an affair, but while Marco toils out of town on assignment Ana is brutally raped by three itinerant laborers. Badly injured and still in shock, Ana tracks down the trio to a garage and cold-bloodedly guns them down. Hunted by police and pilloried in the tabloids, Ana nearly runs down a child, then takes the boy's family hostage in their home. Pressured by his editor to put a personal spin on the now-notorious Ana's standoff, reporter Marco refuses and races to save his lover's life.

At 10:19, there is a 45 second period that starts with 6 club passing between a juggler on a tall unicycle and someone on the ground. This is followed by the unicyclist juggling 3 clubs alone while someone else rides a short unicycle, both seen twice. Just after this, we see two 3 club jugglers practicing in the background.

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