Jacques Tati, Bertil Berglund, Bertilo, Pierre Bramma, Pia Colombo

released: 1974 May 12   duration: 1:29:45

France. Written and directed by Jacques Tati. Two children go behind the scenes of a small circus, where the center ring is filled with quiet little wonders. A series of performers do their acts in center stage. The master of ceremonies is played by Tati. Many circus acts are seen. Acrobats stand on each others' shoulders and juggle clubs, magicians make pretty girls disappear from trunks, a trained horse kicks anybody who tries to ride it, clowns fall over each other, and a tall, elegant man with gray hair plays tennis without a net or a ball. The man is Jacques Tati, a Frenchman who created his own world in the movies with no regard for what anybody else was doing.

At 0:05:34, as the acts are introduced one at a time when the show begins, the lead juggler, a young woman, comes out and briefly juggles 3 clubs and finishes with 5 backcrosses.

At 0:29:26, there is a wonderful 5 minute juggling act with 2 men and a woman, as painters juggling paint brushes as clubs.

At 1:20:18, as part of the finale that brings back all of the performers, we see the 3 jugglers again and their paint brushes, with one of them juggling 3 umbrellas.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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