Juggling in Movies

Persuasion (1997)

[Amanda Root, Ciarán Hinds, Susan Fleetwood, Corin Redgrave]

BBC, Screen Two, Season 11, Episode 3, aired April 6, 1997. Eight years ago, Anne Elliot rejected Frederick Wentworth, the man she loved, out of a sense of duty and obedience. Now an ignored and faded spinster, she follows her financially stricken family from their home, only to be reintroduced to the now successful and wealthy Captain Frederick Wentworth. With their roles reversed and Captain Wentworth the eligible and wealthy bachelor, Anne navigates the scheming society that still tries to keep them apart.

Near the end there was a small parade that goes through town with several strolling performers, one juggling five apples, and another juggling 3 machetes. There are two nice shots of the juggling, one from the side as it passed and another from the front after the parade turned a corner.

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