Juggling in Movies

Red Barry (1938)

[Buster Crabbe, Frances Robinson, Edna Sedgewick, Cyril Delevanti]

This is a serial with 13 chapters of about 20 minutes each. It is about a detective who sets out to discover who stole $2 million in war bonds. Some of the action is set in a vaudeville theater. Often when they are there, they show who is performing on stage.

In Chapter 1, "Millions for Defense," a 6 man Chinese acrobatic act appears, including Antonio Pina, Abel Pina, Henry Pina, and Jerry Pina. They perform a 2 minute act that includes foot juggling.
In Chapter 3, "The Decoy," Harry Johnson and Henry Johnson are shown passing 6 clubs with shoulder throws for 15 seconds.
In Chapter 5, "Desperate Chances," the Johnson's repeat the club passing as before, and add a 3 club and hat stealing routine for about 40 seconds.
In Chapter 6, "The Human Target," the Johnson's appear several times over a 3 minute period. First, one tosses many hats to the other. They then do a comedy routine with 3 clubs each, and then juggle 5 hats between them.

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