Sensations of 1945

Eleanor Powell, Dennis O'Keefe, W.C. Fields, Sophie Tucker

released: 1944 Jun 30   duration: 1:24:52

This is an entertaining movie featuring many excellent variety acts, presented well, not just as background fluff.

The Johnson Brothers, Duke Johnson and Harry Johnson, are the featured jugglers.

At 18:47, we first see them as they march out in a parade, each doing a 3 ball shower. Soon they appear again, each juggling 4 clubs. They then each toss one club behind them to be caught by an assistant, as they go down to juggling 3 clubs each, side by side, and then passing the 6 clubs between them.

Mel Hall then rides a unicycle, then a tall unicycle, and then he rides the tall unicycle while inverted, peddling with his hands.

Hubert Castle performs a good piece of his amazing comedy slack rope act, in which he plays drunk. There is also some amazing acrobatics.

At 27:11, one of the Pallenberg Bears does a bit of bear foot juggling with a long tube,

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