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A Summer to Remember (1985)

[James Farentino, Tess Harper, Bridgette Andersen, Sean Justin Gerlis]

Original title: Toby's Gorilla, but later changed, possibly because the movie was about an orangutan, not a gorilla. Silent since losing his hearing to meningitis, young Toby Wyler takes a bitter stance against the world and his family, refusing to accept his new stepfather. But when a highly trained orangutan named Casey is thrown from a truck near Toby's home, the boy soon has a secret friend he can communicate with via sign language.

Dave Heine (Doc Orbit) appeared and juggled. "I was filmed doing five balls, three clubs, and three torches. I also appeared in background scenes and as a bunny rabbit!"

At 41:54, he can be seen juggling 3 clubs, three times over 30 seconds.
At 44:38, he juggles 3 clubs while walking for 1 second.
At 57:12, he juggles 3 clubs in the background for 9 seconds.

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