That's the Spirit

Peggy Ryan, Jack Oakie, June Vincent, Gene Lockhart, Johnny Coy

released: 1945 Jun 01   duration: 1:32:29

A vaudeville performer returns from the dead to help his wife and daughter, who are being dominated by a greedy banker.

A juggler appears briefly on a theater stage three times.

At 06:17, he juggles a ball, top hat, and cane for 7 seconds.

At 07:16, he juggles a plate and a bucket in his left hand as he spins a large pan on a stick in his right hand, and then switches to juggling the pan and stick with his right hand, all for 6 seconds.

At 07:29, he takes a final bow, doing a trick with a cane on a string.

The entire movie may be seen here.

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