Trading Mom

Sissy Spacek, Anna Chlumsky, Aaron Michael Metchik, Asher Metchik

released: 1994 Mar 04   duration: 1:22:34

14-year-old Elizabeth, 10-year-old Jeremy, and 5-year-old Harry have what seems to them a huge and insurmountable problem. They are chained to an unreasonably demanding mother, who insists that they clean their rooms and generally makes their lives miserable by her requests.

There is a 3 minute period that includes 5 brief juggling scenes:

At 0:51:26, Sissy Spacek briefly juggles 3 balls.

At 0:51:57, Jimmy Robertson and Todd Blair, who performed together as Flight Patterns, pass 6 clubs on unicycles.

At 0:52:25, Asher Metchik, age 7, playing Harry Martin, showers 2 toy plastic bowling pins.

At 0:52:56, Jimmy and Todd pass 6 torches, seen in the distance, and then 12 seconds later, close up.

At 0:53:56, Jimmy juggles 3 clubs while Todd juggles 5 balls.

At 1:19:55, during the end credits, Sissy Spacek briefly juggles 3 balls. She was taught to juggle for this movie by Jimmy and Todd.

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