Two Flaming Youths

W.C. Fields, Chester Conklin, Mary Brian, Jack Juden, George Irving

released: 1927 Dec 17   duration: 0:55

Sheriff Ben Holden is in love with hotel owner Madge Malarkey when down-and-out carnival man Gabby Gilfoil shows up hoping to take her for some money. Gilfoil is mistaken for the wanted man Slippery Sawtelle. Neither suitor gets Malarkey, but manage to take her husband (wealthy Simeon Trott) for a bundle. (Prints of this film no longer exist.)

Gabby Gilfoil was played by W.C. Fields, who was juggling in films at that time. It also included the comedy team of Clark and McCullough, and Bobby Clark was also juggling in films at that time. It's not clear which did the juggling in this one.

A reconstruction with stills of this lost film may be seen here.

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