About JugglePro

What is it?

JugglePro Shareware Version 3.6 is a 3d juggling pattern viewer capable of showing a wide variety of patterns (Mills Mess, Burke's Barrage, Rubensteins Revenge, passing, bounce, siteswaps, multiplex, and more. JugglePro comes with more than 50 patterns ready for viewing. Run the demo to see how JugglePro works. The pattern generator lets you explore literally thousands of patterns. You can also create your own patterns for viewing.


JugglePro is available for IBM and Mac.

JugglePro Version 3.6 (jp36.zip) runs on IBM PC compatibles under any graphics environment. It runs under MS-DOS --not Windows.

Mac users can obtain MacJugglePro Version 1.0, which was coded by Steve Gehring with my permission. (Version 1.0 is not going to be as impressive as Version 3.6 for the IBM.)


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